Wiess College Luminaries

In my email the other day came this photograph, sent by loyal reader George Webb ’88 after it was discovered (where?? what else is there??) by PJ Abrams, ’92. In it we see PJ, the first woman president of Wiess, Dr. Bill Wilson, long time RA at Wiess, and Dr. Stan Dodds, stalwart Wiess associate, at the dedication of the new Wiess  building in 2002:

PJ Abrams B Wilson S Dodds 2006It reminded me of another photo of Wiess personages, undated and unlabeled:

Wiess personages nd maybe early 80sI recognize a few of them but there are more I don’t know. Any help is appreciated. And many thanks to both George and PJ.

Bonus: Stairs.


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  1. Gloria Tarpley '81 says:

    Don’t know them all, but of course, the unforgettable Dr. John Parrish in the front center, seated on the ground — he was a resident associate until his death (suicide, sadly) in either ’79 or ’80. Would love to see some edition of the History Corner dedicated to him — he was truly a scholar and a gentleman. Then, the also unforgettable Bill Wilson on the back row right, and the big bearded guy, two people down, was Dr. Borbridge (sp?), professor in either Philosophy or Religious Studies.

  2. Don Johnson says:

    Even though I was never associated with Wiess, I do know a couple of the pictured. In front of Dr. Bill (I must interject that Bill was my next-door-office neighbor during my first few years at Rice) is David Hellums. The other fellow in the middle row is Curt MIchel.

  3. almadenmike says:

    The man back row, fourth from the right, is mechanical engineering prof, James Wilhoit.

    The man in the back row, far left, is astrophysicist Don Clayton (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_D._Clayton), who’s fascinating early-70s lecture on “Why is the Night Sky Dark?” (https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/donald-d-clayton-2/the-dark-night-sky-a-personal-adventure-in-cosm/) was part of Rice’s first alumni college program, IIRC.

  4. George Webb '88, '91 says:

    The man in the chair at far right is the unforgettable J.D. Hellums, now professor emeritus of chemical engineering. He and his wife Marilyn were active, loyal and gracious Wiess associates for decades, retiring from that role just a couple of years ago. When my wife and I became associates ourselves, they were in many ways our model. Dr Kean, you might want to consult them in your research: they have photos of every freshman group they have ever hosted for dinner, which makes one curious what else they might have.

    • George Webb '88, '91 says:

      Oops — I see Dr Johnson has already pointed Dr Hellums. But I can reiterate that their association with Wiess is long and deep. It is a neat coincidence (or not) that he is right in front of an extremely young-looking Dr Bill.

  5. Stan Dodds says:

    Judging from the associates I recognize, I’d guess the photo was taken in the early 70’s, in the courtyard of original Wiess House. Perhaps for the Campanile?

    To add to the other identifications:
    The fellow with the beard in the back row is indeed David Borbridge, a lecturer in Religious Studies.
    Jim Hannon ’62 is in the back row to Borbridge’s right.
    Don Clayton, standing at the far left, was probably a Wiess RA at that time.
    Hugh Anderson, a Space Physics professor, and his wife are next to Clayton.
    Curt Michel, another Space Physics professor, is seated in front of Anderson.

  6. Doug Elliott says:

    Curt Michel’s daughter was a very important Jones Fast Woman in her time, and so I claim Dr. Michel as an also Jones Luminary and must mention that he was an astronaut, scientist-astronaut group 4.

  7. rcspitzer says:

    Year is 1976 and the picture appears in the Campanile, without a caption. Don Clayton and his 2nd wife, seated below him, were RA’s at that time, as were Dr. Bill and John Parrish.

  8. rcspitzer says:

    This picture is from the Wiess section (the Bicentennial college) of the 1976 Campanile. Don Clayton and his wife, Dr. Bill (we called him Bill), and John Parrish were RA’s.

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