Friday Follies: The Biggest Liar

This sweet lady won the prize at her class reunion in 1976 for having the most grandchildren. Look closer at those ribbons, though, and you’ll see she also was named the First Place Liar:

Homecoming 1976 Biggest Liar

She does seem to have a small glint of desperado in those eyes.



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  1. One ribbon is “Most Grandchildren And I Don’t Talk About Them”. Perhaps the “First Place Liar” was about the second part of that.

  2. almadenmike says:

    The Dec. 2, 1976, Thresher ( had an interesting front-page article about the president of the 1926 class, who was in town for that 50th class reunion:

    Glenn to lead cheers
    by Debbie Davies

    An honored Rice tradition will be resurrected Saturday night at Autry Court when Jack Glenn leads the cheering at halftime of the Southern Mississippi game. Jack, who is permanent president of the class of 1926, has been in Houston for his 50th class reunion, and has been living up to a long reputation of being in the middle of whatever is going on. …

    While he was a student at Rice, Jack edited the Thresher and Campanile, organized the Rally Club, held down up to three part-time jobs at once, and was head cheerleader for three years running (among other things). Somewhere in there, he actually found time to stay off scholastic probation. When he finally left Rice, so the rest of the student body could do some of the work, he went to Paris with the Reverend Harris Masterson, Jr. (who founded Autry House) and became a writer for the New York Herald. Jack next arranged to become a cameraman so he could return to the States on the U.S.S. Memphis with Lindberg. His success in this escapade convinced him to stay in film, and he later produced The March of Time, a newsreel series under the auspices of Time, Inc., from 1935 to 1953. There have been many other interesting events in his life, and if anyone stays around after the game Saturday I’m certain he can be persuaded to tell about them.

    Although he has had few opportunities to visit Rice through the years, he has maintained a reputation as the all-time greatest cheerleader and is always glad to lend a helping yell to the incumbents of that post. Incidentally, our spirited Tom Glenn is no relation—despite gleeful rumors to the contrary. Jack will be leaving Houston to return to New York after exams, so now’s the time to see the living proof that RICE FIGHT NEVER DIES.

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