Christmas, 1965

There were two big events, a chapel service and the president’s party afterwards in the RMC. You’re all invited:

Christmas program invitation 1965

The annual Christmas in the Chapel was a fairly elaborate celebration with a great deal of music, scripture readings and something called a “Christmas Meditation,” which I take to be a homily of sorts:

RMC Christmas in the Chapel 1965

President's Christmas party 1965


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3 Responses to Christmas, 1965

  1. Barney McCoy says:

    Barney Giesen and I were co-chairmen of the entertainment committee of the Student Center Board and wanted a rock and roll band for the party, but were persuaded by Mr. Red ( manager of the RMC) that an orchestra was more appropriate for a party given by President Pitzer. Mr. Red did not interfere when we later threw an off-campus dance with entertainment by Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts, a very risqué band. I missed the President’s Party with a horrible sore throat that resulted in a tonsillectomy during the Holidays..
    Barney L. McCoy, Hanszen 67

  2. Melissa Kean says:

    I think Mr. Red gave you sound advice. Merry Christmas, Barney!

  3. George Webb '88, '91 says:

    One of the readers at that Christmas in the Chapel has the same name as one of the current vergers at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church. And if those readers were students at the time, the age would be about right. I will have to ask my friend at Palmer if that was him.

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