The Inner Workings of the Library, 1966: Part 2

Here’s the final installation of our scintillating “Inside Fondren” series. These images are behind the scenes and a little more recognizable to me. I’m least sure about this first one. I suspect it might be reference but really that’s just a guess. Any thoughts about the purpose of the carousel type thing at left?

Fondren inner workings 1966

I’m almost certain that this shows Acquisitions, as I recognize the woman at the desk as our own Nancy Boothe ’52, later head of the Woodson:

Fondren inner 2

And this must surely be Cataloguing, although it feels like a different room:

Fondren inner 3

All in all it looks like a nice quiet place to work in the warm company of books.

Bonus Holiday Hangover: I was over at campus for a little while this morning and it is still mostly deserted. The cleaning crews, though, were (as usual) hard at it. Note the wilting poinsettia.


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5 Responses to The Inner Workings of the Library, 1966: Part 2

  1. All the materials in the third photo are serials. Perhaps serials cataloguing was in a different room.

  2. Kathy says:

    Right, Walter, about serials. In a research library like Fondren, serials check-in was a VERY big job. Although when I was there in the late ’60’s check-in was done in the big open tech services office. What I think the 3rd picture shows is the bindery room. This is also a very big job: preparing runs of serials for sending to the binder. It usually requires a space with lots of shelves for holding incomplete runs until they’re ready to send.

    I think the carousel in the first picture (which, you’re probably right, was reference, although it wasn’t there when I worked there in the early ’70’s) might also be related to serials. It looks very familiar; perhaps it was a record of which issues of which journals had been received?

    So great to see Nancy, looking the way she did when I worked for her as a student in the late ’60’s. That was my old stomping grounds in the very large back office. I don’t know if the staff still has that big open space; I rather think it’s been divided up.

    I love these old Library pictures! They bring back lots of good memories of how I got started on what became my career!

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