The Campanile Office, 1927 and 1997

This is going to be exactly what the title advertises: two views inside the yearbook office separated by 70 years.  Obviously some things are quite different but the critical elements are the same: keyboard, telephone and squalor.

CAmpanile staff 1927 typewriter

Campanile 97 2



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10 Responses to The Campanile Office, 1927 and 1997

  1. Bill Peebles '70 says:

    I wouldn’t call it squalor, I’d call it clutter.

  2. grungy1973 says:

    Probably a PowerMac – anything from a 7100 to a G3.
    Could be as old as a Iicx or a Iicv, but probably not.
    Zip drive on top.
    “New” office in the Ley Student Center, rather than the “old” office on the 2nd floor of the RMC.
    Wonder where the ’27 ‘Nile was produced…

  3. Noticing that one woman now does the work of seven men with the same amount of clutter, more or less.

  4. Tommy LaVergne says:

    Top photo looks like a Norman Rockwell!

  5. almadenmike says:

    A front page article in the Jan 18, 1929, Thresher ( tells of a Campanile office consistent with the 1927 photo and uses the world ‘cluttered’.

    It begins: “A reporter visiting the Campanile office witnesses a turbulent and comical scene. The whole office is a disordered jumble. Desks are crowded with magazines and books cast aside in a vain search for inspirations; the floor is cluttered with useless paper. …”

    Alas, the article does not reveal the location of the Campanile office.

    It does have a cute ending, which reveals scant mutual respect between these two major Rice publications:

    >> “The reporter breaks in upon the Editor in his meditation and politely asks for an interview. Anger, then wonderment crosses the face of the editor, but finally the light dawns.

    “Oh, a story for the Thresher?” he says, and takes a box of cards which have been handed down by editors of the Campanile for n number of years from the drawer of his desk.

    “This is the third week in January, isn’t it?”, he asks, thumbing through the cards.

    He finally selects one and reads, “Campanile is well under way. Everything is orderly and in a fine condition. With no unexpected set backs it should appear on time this year. The theme and the editor of the Rack must remain a secret.” <<

  6. grungy1973 says:

    BTW, that’s Jen Cooper in the ’97 picture.

  7. mattnoall says:

    Other differences: ties on the young men. Would you see that today? And, of course the smoking

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