Lots of Rain, 1922

Thinking about Hurricane Carla brought to mind these images taken in the spring of 1922. Not a hurricane, obviously, but lots of rain–the Monthly Weather Review of the National Weather Service for March, 1922 described it as “a local storm of more than ordinary intensity,” which looks about right:

RI scrapbook campus flood March 1922 1

RI scrapbook campus flood March 1922 2

RI scrapbook campus flood March 1922 3

 The photographer was Physics Fellow A.B. Bryant, the owner of this scrapbook. He lived in the Faculty Tower and must have been on its roof when he took these. They’re looking west at Harris Gully, way way out of its banks. The last picture is especially interesting. See the unaccounted for building? More on that later.

Bonus: Speaking of water, here’s a link to a great Facebook page maintained by loyal reader and commenter loki_the_bubba, who has posted about the fountains on campus (and elsewhere in Houston). It’s delightful.


Extra Bonus: You can tell it’s almost spring because the leaves are finally dropping.


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