Friday Follies: Jury Duty

That’s where I am this morning. I’m sitting in the waiting room and there are three (3!) people snoring like chainsaws in here. Somehow this image came to mind:

Pub wall bad idea

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7 Responses to Friday Follies: Jury Duty

  1. Philip Walters says:

    Here in SW Colorado they thankfully allow us to have personal electronics during jury selection, so that we can use them on breaks. That and a good paperback makes it bearable

  2. Bill Peebles '70 says:

    Training for the beer/bike race?

  3. Steve Lukingbeal says:

    Would be curious if any of the detectives among us could determine the date of this photo. It looks like it could have been taken during several decades. Clues could come from the bike, the shoes, the hair styles, the jeans, and the Rice sweatshirt.

    • loki_the_bubba says:

      First guess with that bike, mtn bike style, thumb shifters, etc, would be late ’80s to the mid-’90s. Can’t tell if the brand says Tainen. But a quick google found nothing for me.

      • marmer01 says:

        The bike is a Huffy Stalker, an early low-priced mass-produced mountain bike. Like this.
        I think someone was making a funny picture. While it’s true that drinking, then riding was the hallmark of the early Beer-Bikes and there were occasional Iron Men and Women who did both, by this time (agreed: mid-to-late 80s) they took safety way more seriously.

        • Steve Lukingbeal says:

          That sounds like a good guess on the era. The clothes and haircuts also look like they are probably from that era (late 80s and early 90s).

  4. Matt Noall says:

    I think somebody misunderstood the drinking part of the rules.. The lore around the race claimed that in some of the early years they played around with the parameters a bit as they found out there were various safety issues…but this looks a bit extreme under any conditions…besides, you had to keep the beer down long enough to get off the table,right? 🙂

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