A.P. McDonald

Searching for something in an box of old Public Affairs material, I opened a folder that held two images of the same man. They were labeled–both said “A.P. McDonald, Associate Professor of Engineering Graphics.” This was very lucky because I’d never seen him before nor ever heard his name.

It looks like the photos were taken two different days but the same room, which I’m guessing must have been in the Engineering Annex where Ryon Lab is today. Here’s what I know after some research: McDonald came to Rice in 1953 and seems to have been hired into the Civil Engineering Department (although I’m not completely sure about that). He retired sometime in the early to mid-1970s, which means that if (as I assume) he was teaching engineering drawing he must have taught a whole lot of students. Odd that I’d never heard of him. As always, if you know anything I’d love to hear from you.

New AP McDonald nd asc prof engineering graphincs

New AP McDonald nd

Oh, and one more thing. In the fall of 1964 he was appointed director of reproduction services. It’s just the type of dry technical matter that sets my pulse racing:

AP McDonald Nov 12 64 Thresher



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  1. Alison Whittemore says:

    I was a CivE student 1975-1980, and never heard of Professor McDonald. I took drafting from Dr. James SIms. Funny that 40 years later I teach drafting, albeit on a computer and not at a table.

  2. almadenmike says:

    I see here (http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Satterwhite-2283) that his first name was “Almond” … so his use of “A.P.” is understandable.

  3. E55 says:

    Great pun in that newspaper headline!

  4. Bill Johnson '57, '58 says:

    Since I was a CE major , 1953-1958, I had a drafting course from Prof McDonald. It was a lab room near the Mech Bldg.where Ryon is presently. It may have been a “temporary” Bldg. I can’t remember when I took this course but early. I do remember some of the problems, like calculating the volume of an elliptical tank using graphic methods.

  5. Bob Toone (WRC 1967) says:

    I’m pretty sure I took Engineering Drawing from Prof. McDonald, probably as a soph in the Fall of 1963. It was in a small little room in the back side of the engg annex, almost down an alley. He was a quiet, mild mannered but supportive man. There were only two of us in the class when I took it.

  6. Robert Cargill says:

    Dear Melissa,

    I knew Mr. McDonald because his daughter Cynthia was a friend of my then girlfriend. I have a photo of Cynthia with her date Temple Tucker sitting on the fender of my 1953 Ford, taken in fall 1954. If you are interested I’ll dredge up a copy for you.

    I enjoy your daily remembrances.



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