Double Vision


Architecture professors Anderson Todd and Will Cannady pose with their likenesses in Cohen House. I’ve talked before about their 1976 renovations of the building but I may have failed to mention that part of their reward was to have this made and installed. This nice spot near the administrative wing, however, wasn’t it’s original location. For a long time it was actually outside, right next to the loading dock. See the blank square in shadow at the far right of the image?


The story I was told was that Hackerman put it in this unpleasant little spot because he was irritated with cost overruns on the project. If this story isn’t true, it should be.

Bonus: James Chillman with his own image. More on this later.


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2 Responses to Double Vision

  1. I never took any classes taught by Will Cannady, but he was always more than happy to discuss architecture and many other things with any student who wanted to engage. I truly appreciate the times I got to spend with him. I wish we had many more like him.

  2. Don Johnson says:

    Doesn’t Carl know about the plaque placement? It IS a believable story.

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