Building Signage, 1968

Add to the “never seen this before” pile:

Pitzer with Lovett Hall signage 1968

It’s also interesting that the screen doors are still there so late.

Bonus: I’m traveling the next few day. Please lower your expectations even more!


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4 Responses to Building Signage, 1968

  1. almadenmike says:

    I wonder when Lovett Hall got air conditioning … window units or central?

  2. Ron Ladd says:

    Following the link above to the Israel Naman, ’38, August 31, 2011 post, there was a question there about when the campus in general got air conditioning. One of the posts there mentions “for the Men’s Colleges (Baker, Will Rice, Hanszen, and Weiss) – the steam heat (cast iron radiators) was removed after the end of classes in spring 1966 and the chilled water/hot water system installed over the summer to be ready by the fall of 1966”.
    Continuing on with that thread, my freshman year, fall of 1968, was the first time that a semester started in August and completed prior to Christmas because (almost?) all the campus had become air conditioned and classes could be held and those living on campus could survive in the late August / early September Houston heat.

  3. Richard Schafer says:

    Certainly not all of the campus had been air conditioned by fall 68. I remember having a class in Mech Lab that was hot and sticky that at the earliest would have been fall 69.

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