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William Ward Watkin and Friends at the Alhambra, c1920

You have to stay on your toes in the archives or you’ll miss the weird stuff. Today we have a bit of a Jack Sprat and his wife situation–we didn’t know something and they didn’t know something else but when … Continue reading

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Homecoming 1961

I realize that it’s nowhere near Homecoming at all, but this picture makes me smile. I wish I could go there: Bonus: This one also makes me smile.  

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Claude Bracey at Soldier Field, 1928

This remarkable photograph has a misleading label on the back. It says “Claude Bracey, 1928 Amsterdam Olympics” and that’s almost right. That is indeed Claude Bracey breaking the tape at the far left. Bracey was Rice’s first real track star … Continue reading

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My Favorite Thing About Commencement

I have no idea who these people are and I’m only guessing that it was the late ’70s but you can see the same scene every year: God speed, my friends.

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The 1978 ARA Distinguished Alumnus Winners

This nice photo caught my attention for a couple of reasons. I recognized Herbert Allen ‘29 on the left right away but I didn’t know who the other two characters were. A little bit of digging revealed that to my great … Continue reading

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Obsolete Technology: Reel to Reel

I came across a whole bunch of these recently: I know there’s data on there but have absolutely no idea how this worked. I started looking through old pictures of computers to see if I could figure out what machine … Continue reading

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Inclement Weather Plan

Preparations for commencement are now in full swing. This morning I attended the inclement weather meeting, which turned out to be eye-opening: We’ve handled it different ways in the past and as I listened I thought about Rice’s original rain … Continue reading

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