Hurricane Season

It’s apparently upon us. Not long ago I came across these pictures of serious preparations on campus in advance of a storm. They aren’t dated but based on the images of the aftermath I have to believe this was Hurricane Rita in September of 2005, which sort of wobbled around the Gulf and then just grazed past Houston as it turned to the east. Better safe than sorry, though:

New Hurricane prep 1

New hurricane prep 2

The students, however, did not appear to be overly concerned with the proceedings:

New hurricane prep 4

New hurricane prep 5 Rita

Here’s the “After” picture. Nothing much, really. I’m hoping for something like this again:

New hurricane aftermath 2005

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  1. Owlcop says:

    The board up photos are of Rita. I was posted at Brown/Jones for 3 days. The kids who stayed had a great time. The one’s who left sat on the highway for days.

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