The Flammable Chemicals Storage Shed, 1982

Yesterday afternoon I was in need of some images of the original field house. I had no trouble finding them but I was extremely surprised when I found this right next to them:

New flammable storage building Oct 82

It’s the flammable storage shed, discussed it at some length here! It’s dated October 1982, which looks to be when it was completed. I don’t know when it went away.

I realize that this isn’t an especially exciting image but I felt compelled to post it in the interests of thoroughness. I never cease to be amazed at what survives in the archives. I can’t find a photo of Harry Haszen but someone kept a picture of the flammable storage shed.



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  1. Hannes Hofer says:

    The Chemical Storage Building was a real building located right inside what is now Entrance 20. I am not sure when It was built, but I was the Project Manager responsible for having it removed. We sold it to Olshan Demolition Company for scrap in the mid-nineties

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