Friday Afternoon Follies: Wardrobe Malfunction, 1959

Some of you may recall this interesting photo from a couple of years ago which prominently features a shirtless Carl Isgren, ’61:

1960 Intramurals Side view of dorms

I couldn’t help but smile when I ran across this one of the 1959 intramural champs the other day. He’s managed to get a shirt on this time but it’s inside out:

Carl Isgren Baker



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4 Responses to Friday Afternoon Follies: Wardrobe Malfunction, 1959

  1. John Wolda says:

    That’s Walter Moore holding the basketball, Noel Willis is standing next to Carl.

  2. Da.Owl says:

    Welcome back. Missed the daily dose of Rice history while you were out.

  3. Edward Summers says:

    Listed in the 1959 student directory as “Grubb, Neanderthal” and a really nice guy. I have lost track of him.

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