As If On Cue

You’ll think I’m making this up but I’m not.

This afternoon I went in search of some pictures of Rice students aboard trains on their way to out of town football games. These are almost all to be found in scrapbooks and since I really couldn’t remember which scrapbooks I just grabbed one off the shelf to get started. It turned out to be one I hadn’t touched in a good six or seven years and it yielded gorgeous images of both the campus and the city in the early 1940s.

On the very first page I found three pictures of the gravel walks I was talking about yesterday. These first two were taken by someone standing right on the south walk:

New Admin Building from south gravel walk Neil Brennan 1941051

New south gravel walk Neil Brennan 1941052

The third one, I think, shows the shrubs along the north walk looking towards the campanile:

New campanile over gravel walk Neil Brennan 1941062

I spent most of the day with this scrapbook and I’ll have more images and some semi-surprising information about the photographer next week.

Bonus: I received an email today from my friend Michael LaRue, the clerk of Palmer Church, which I found very touching.

Every day at Morning Prayer we pray for deceased parishioners on the anniversary of their death. Today, we prayed for Dr. Lovett, who died on this date in 1957. His funeral was on August 15 at Palmer Chapel, the Rev. Stanley Smith officiating, and he was buried at Glenwood Cemetery.

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  1. A moment of silence for Dr. Lovett.

  2. Wayne Collins says:

    Gravel walks often had spots of mud and tough on shoes walking from West Hall in 1941, however they did look good to this Freshman

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