Be The Ball

Yesterday afternoon I was over on the driving range at BraeBurn trying to cure a nasty hook when I looked over and saw this:


Obviously, the only thing I could do was go over and take pictures.  They were hitting the ball pretty good but they were also just wonderful to visit with, as was their coach, Justin Emil. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with them as they warmed up for a practice round and I will follow their progress with real interest.

And thanks to Tommy Lavergne we can see them wandering around the academic quad, apparently seeking the optimal background for their awesomeness:

150826_Golf_Team_Head_Shots 0024

150826_Golf_Team_Head_Shots 0035

Anyway, the BraeBurn thing rattled something in the back of my mind so I went to check. Here you go, from the 1942 Campanile:

Golf 1942

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  1. almadenmike says:

    What is the reason for this year’s team having turquoise-ish shirts, rather than those with the traditional/official “blue still deeper than the Oxford blue” (Pantone 294)?

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