This is what my day felt like today:

New Miner ouch nd

Don’t worry, we’ll lick ’em tomorrow.

Bonus: Things actually got better near the end of the day when I got back to the Woodson and we attempted to answer the question “How many archivists does it take to identify a football squad?” We had a bunch of old panoramic shots out for scanning and had a blast trying to figure out which big-eared, funny-faced kid was which. Here’s what we were working with:


It’s harder than you might think. It took three of us plus a student worker to make any real headway.

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5 Responses to Ouch!

  1. Face masking before the face mask…

  2. I mentioned a Cirkut camera in a comment on an earlier post. All those long photos were taken with a Cirkut camera.

    Watch for someone who is on both ends of the photo. Someone would be on the very left end. As the camera started scanning, they would run behind the group and stop on the other end. In the day, everyone knew that trick.

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