Inside the Brand New Cohen House, 1926

I’ve been struggling to come up with dates for what look to be fairly early images of the Cohen House patio. I haven’t had any real success (yet) but in the course of these struggles I accidentally happened across something I’d never seen before: two photographs of the inside of the newly completed club. (They among the Bud Morehead slides that I’m still working my way through.)

Note here the painted designs on the lower half of the wall:

New Morehead slide Cohen House 1926

The furniture looks like it was very, very nice which is exactly what you would expect from the Cohens, who really spared no expense in building and outfitting the club:

New Morehead slide Cohen House c1926

Just for fun, here’s a surprising picture of the back that I can’t quite settle on a date for:

Cohen house rose garden nd clate 20s 045

Bonus: A loyal reader sent in this lovely photo of the moon over the Turrell. I am, as always, grateful for the help.


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  1. David M. Bynog says:

    The Digital Scholarship Archive gives 1940 as the date for that photograph; is there a reason to doubt that date?

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