49 Years Ago Today: Freshman Initiation

November 17, 1966. The times they were a’changing.

November 17 1966 hazing 1 053

November 17 1966 hazing 2 054




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5 Responses to 49 Years Ago Today: Freshman Initiation

  1. Ugh. Hated FI and the polar bear races. So demeaning and so unlike freshman orientation today. So glad Rice moved away from these activities

    That’s me and Section 2, Hanszen,bowing to Sammy on the sidelines of, I think, the LSU game. That same pic, or a similar one, is in National Geographic’s story on Houston in ’66

    (Love the blog, btw, Melissa)

  2. mmdlarue says:

    I seem to remember that Dr. Lovett was not a fan of hazing in any form.

  3. Bob Toone (WRC 1967) says:

    I’m WRC ’67. Didn’t have any significant hazing. Had to wait the table at dinner, and did participate in the Slime Parade down S. Main to the hotel

  4. effegee says:

    Owlbowing was still alive and well in fall 1969, but more or less voluntary. More peer pressure and the opportunity to get to the sidelines than compulsion.

  5. Krammit says:

    There was even some Owlbowing in 1973 or 1974 but any coercion was entirely fake, sort of a skit. It was at the UH game. The participating students all wore shirts with a single large letter so that side-by-side they spelled out BEAT IT COOGS. Then the first guy, with one with the B, moved over a few spots and sat backwards so that his shirt displayed the letters SH next to the IT pair, changing the message to something quite more offensive,.

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