Merry Christmas from Babs Willis, 1970

Some days it’s like the stuff just drops into my hands.

This afternoon I was looking for something in a Will Rice scrapbook and when the cover fell open I discovered that it had been given to the Woodson Research Center at Christmas 1970 by their long serving (over 30 years) college coordinator, Babs Willis:


And a fine present it was, full of interesting photos and clippings, including the Will Rice College Christmas card from that year:

Will Rice christmas card 1970054

I also found a snapshot that I’d guess to be from the early ’80s that I think shows Babs herself. Is that her in the sunglasses  at left?

Will Rice christmas card 1970 babs 055



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  1. That sure looks like Babs to me. I came to WRC in 1975.

  2. Lavelle Fritz Ferris says:

    that pic is of Babs and her husband along with some WRC folks. Bill Cober ’81 is lower left. I believe the woman is Barb Demorotski (sp?) who passed away a few years ago – class of either ’83 or ’84. What’s also interesting is that they are playing Lacrosse on the field behind. The Rice Lacrosse club was started in the fall of ’80 by some Swarthmore exchange students.

  3. Babs looked exactly the same as in that picture during all of her 30+ years at Rice.

  4. joelmt says:

    Yes, that is Babs, and the man on the right is her husband Joe. We knew them well!


    Joel Schindler Turvey, 1973 (Jones)

    Harry Turvey, 1972 (WRC)

  5. Barb Demorotski was definitely class of ’84. Bill Cober was class of ’81 but stayed to get his MChE in ’82. I believe the t-shirt Babs is wearing was created for the admissions office’s first Owl Day; I don’t remember whether that was 1980 or 1981 (although, strangely enough, I can still tell you which album cover inspired the design). Taking all of that into account, my first guess would be that the photo is from the 1980-81 academic year (but 1981-82 is also possible).

    • Lavelle Fritz Ferris says:

      Keith Vassallo identified himself and Pat Broos as the two standing – they were freshmen in the fall of ’81. According to Keith they were attending one of the Wild Rice Women soccer games….(women of WRC) Steve – your comment about Babs shirt is interesting because the Keith’s t-shirt is how Keith recognized himself. When I copied the pic to Facebook it cut his face off but he knew the shirt! So… ’81-’82 school year just in case Melissa wanted a definite date…

  6. Melissa Crowfoot Keane (Jones '72) says:

    Hi, Melissa! This is the “other Melissa Keane” with a slight correction/addition to your post. That wasn’t THE 1970 Will Rice College (WRC) Christmas card, it was a Christmas card put together by one of the WRC eight-man suites. I knew these fellows well, and remember that photo! Rob Casagrande was my good-lookin’ boyfriend, and at our suggestion, his roommates Cary Burnley and David Itz (also in this Christmas card photo) were dating my two roommates, Karen Epstein and Julie Williams = 40-plus years later, Cary and Karen, and David and Julie are still married — and they continue to keep contact with Mike Marcotte (also in this photo). Thanks for posting — it was fun to see these bright faces again!

  7. Babs Willis says:

    What fun to see familiar names and faces. I remember that photo at a WR women’s soccer game.
    It was at that game that Keith and Pat started the “Will Rice Will Win” cheer.
    Surely do miss everyone. I still look about the same except my hair is now snow while.
    Merry Christmas to all,
    xo Babs

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