D Day

This made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. You can almost hear the bugle, can’t you?

D Day Lovett 048

I believe it was put up on the message board that hung in the Sallyport.



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  1. Richard Schafer says:

    Were bugle calls a standard part of campus life in those days?

  2. almadenmike says:

    The notice above was printed in the top-middle of the front page of the June 8, 1944, Thresher, under the headline, ”D-Day Observed in Silent Prayer”

    In the same position of the June 1, 1944, Thresher was this notice, “To All Members of the Rice Institute”:

    The Spiritual Preparedness Committee of the
    Office of Civilian Defense is requesting schools and
    colleges to engage in silent prayer for the Armed
    Forces of the United Nations on the day the invasion
    of the European continent begins.
    In compliance with that request I respectfully
    invite the cooperation of our Navy civilian members
    in the following proposal:
    That wherever we may be at eleven o’clock in
    the morning of D-Day we all stand for a moment in
    silent prayer or meditation for the success of the
    Armed Forces of the United Nations in the invasion of
    the European continent begun that day.”
    Edgar Odell Lovett

    * * *
    “In accordance with the expressed wishes of the President
    of the Rice Institute, all members of the Navy, both students
    and staff, will at eleven o’clock the morning of D-Day, stand *
    for a moment of silent prayer or meditation for the success of
    our brothers in arms in th$ invasion of Europe.”

    V. F. Rathbun
    Commander U.S.N. (Ret.)
    Commanding Officer

    (Source: https://scholarship.rice.edu/bitstream/handle/1911/65736/thr19440601.pdf?sequence=1)

  3. Bill Peebles '70 says:

    Indeed the greatest generation.

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