Friday Follies: Bearly Working

I’m at a loss.

How about a caption contest?

Teddy bear at computer nd 048


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7 Responses to Friday Follies: Bearly Working

  1. David Frels says:

    I thought this computer would come with a mouse.

  2. (Crosspost my comment from the FB version)

    “You log your activities on this screen. Use 1 for snuggling, 2 for sleeping, 3 for tea party, 4 for being in the car next to your human, and 5 for miscellaneous.”


    “You can’t ‘heart’ *everything* you see!”

  3. David M. Bynog says:

    “It says here that your perfect match is named Goldilocks and that she is looking forward to a date at your place soon.”

  4. Bryan Domning says:

    You see, the name “Teddy” is no longer available. Try “Paddington” instead.

  5. Matt Noall says:

    Perhaps the idea that “coding bootcamps” work for everyone has reached the silly level….

  6. loki_the_bubba says:

    This grizzly veteran can bearly program polar coordinates.

  7. degb00 says:

    Good, Good! I think we’re almost there, Mr. Bear! Maybe you’ll pass 220 after all!

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