What is this person’s job?

Since finding that spectacular picture of the trustees at the 1946 baccalaureate service last week I’ve been looking closely at images of other such events. There’s a lot to be said about these and I may well go back and say it later but for right now I just wonder this: what is the job of the person sitting with pen and ink at the desk in front of the dais?

I picked out three years but there are more. Here’s 1918:

Baccalaureate 1918 what job 047


Baccalaureate 1919 what job 049


Baccalaureate 1925 what job 048




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10 Responses to What is this person’s job?

  1. vkbenson says:

    Probably a stenographer recording every word spoken. He/she had to be close by because there was no sound amplification system. Note he is writing (in the first photo) while everyone else is bowed in prayer.

  2. vkbenson says:

    There should be transcripts of these events somewhere.

  3. Ron Ladd says:

    Other speakers may not have had copies of prepared remarks; hence, a stenographer would be used to record the other speakers. And also to have a record if a speaker with prepared remarks departed from them.

  4. grungy1973 says:

    What’s wrapped in canvas, in front of the speaker, in the top photo?

  5. marmer01 says:

    Probably some kind of then-new Rice seal? Or a sample diploma?

  6. joecwhite says:

    If that is the window in the southernmost stairwell in Lovett Hall, I confess to breaking it in the late 90’s when I dropped a rubber band ball down the stairs from the GC’s office.

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