How It’s Done, 1951

This isn’t what I meant to talk about today (I’ll get to that later) but it’s too fabulous to put aside.

I sat down this afternoon to find the pictures that I originally wanted, typed “1951” into the search box where I store my images and what popped up first was another picture from the event I wrote about yesterday. It came from a completely different place–Bud Morehead’s slides– and it is in glorious kodachrome:

New Morehead slide Homecoming 1951

Even better, the label on the slide gives us an idea of what was going on that day:

New Morehead slide Homecoming 1951 label JFD

Fair Warning: I’m out of town at a meeting the next couple of days so if posting is slapdash or nonexistent, well, you were warned.

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  1. Bill Peebles, Hanszen '70 says:

    Is that a freshman beanie on the fellow behind the piano?

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