Friday Follies: BYOM, 1970

Interesting concept–the beer is free but you have to provide your own mattress. I would surely fall asleep.

Will Rice pajama party flyer 1970053

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4 Responses to Friday Follies: BYOM, 1970

  1. Jerry Outlaw says:

    This was a common format in the late 60s as well. There were some “interesting” public behaviors exhibited with some frequency.

  2. Dagobert L. Brito says:

    You would not have fallen asleep at age 18.

  3. vkbenson says:

    Ah, the H&H, long-time venue for Rice events. The first Rice party I ever attended was during Orientation Week when the Institute bused the freshman class there for BBQ, swimming, etc.
    (no beer.) Fond memories of peering through the spaces between the boards of the flimsy wall which separated the men’s and women’s dressing areas watching the Jones girls change into and out of their swimsuits. First time I ever saw a naked woman in the flesh. Heady stuff for a bunch of horny eighteen-year-olds! BTW, I claim immunity from prosecution because the statute of limitations ran out on this one decades ago.

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