The Rice Hymn, 1939 Plus Rice Fight Never Dies

Here’s a 1939 Thresher article about the Rice Hymn, also written by Louis Girard and his classmate Nealie Ross. It’s interesting enough but what really caught my eye was the section about the origin of the “Rice Fight Never Dies” yell that goes along with the fight song. Just this week I had occasion to discuss this chant with someone but I didn’t know exactly where it came from. The very next morning I came across this:

Rice Fight Never Dies origin Thresher 046

More Rice song goodness to come.

Bonus: There’s an “S” on the end, dammit.

Kyle Field c1931 Rice Fight

Rice fight

Rice Fight Never Dies 1933

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6 Responses to The Rice Hymn, 1939 Plus Rice Fight Never Dies

  1. Buddy Chuoke '75 says:

    So it is perfectly clear to me that, from its inception, Rice Fight Never DIES. This should be instilled into every freshman class, and the first question of the first quiz they take.

  2. says:

    Do you have the continuation of the story (page fourteen}?

  3. George Wagner '77 says:

    Melissa – any idea on the vintage of the photos? The Kyle Field photo look like it could be from the 1920s.

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