Missing Monogram Found??

Cast your mind back to the balmy days of 2011. Almost exactly five years ago (!) I came across some correspondence between a couple members of the earliest graduating classes about designing a special monogram for the “Frontier Five” classes to wear at Homecoming and other events.


I had pretty good reason to believe that this was actually carried out but in all this time I’ve never been able to find one. A couple of weeks ago, though, our Super Intern Camille, who was working on a display about the first graduating class and their campus experience, came to me with these:


Our hearts all skipped a beat, of course, as we contemplated whether they were the elusive badges.

Close, I think, but not quite. I believe that they were worn by the early classes at the 50th anniversary Homecoming in 1962, three years before the Bulbrook correspondence. Here, in fact, is a photograph of Harry Bulbrook himself wearing one on that occasion. He looks like a lot of fun, doesn’t he?

Harry Bulbrook with button 045

And here’s the Frontier Five group at Homecoming in 1968. Although it’s hard to see they do indeed seem to be wearing a different kind of badge:

Frontier 5 reunion 1968

Perhaps perversely, I’m rather glad that the mystery remains unsolved.

Bonus: Camille’s display is now up! It’s in the cases on the third floor of the library by the Kyle Morrow Room. Go see it if you have a chance. She worked hard on it and it is good.


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  1. Nice table. Like the “flake” in the oak.

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