I had a long, wild day today. But what stands out from the chaos are two astonishing archival discoveries that advance my research by leaps rather than the usual tiny steps. I’m happy.

Almost as happy as this guy, who is just plain beaming:

Happy Friday Ken 045

The photo is labeled but the handwriting is almost totally indecipherable. I’m pretty sure his first name is Ken.

Bonus: Also a happy fellow is my friend and occasional partner in crime Bill Lassiter, who retires from the Electrician’s Shop on Friday. I will miss him despite his constant threats to report me to the authorities.


Extra Bonus: The Victor Lopez Classic from the 10th floor of the BRC. Note the new stands.



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  1. Michael Ross says:

    He’s Ken Stadel, a fabulous shot putter and discus thrower. This very photo was used in his Bob Quin Award webpage: http://quinmcwhirter.com/quinmarti/homepage/1974KenStadel.html

  2. Lassiter is not old enough to retire.

  3. Doriswms@aol.com says:

    In case no one else has told you, the big guy with the sweet happy face in your photo is Ken Stadel. I found this story about him online: http://quinmcwhirter.com/quinmarti/homepage/1974KenStadel.html Doris Williams

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