Marathon Bull Session, 1964

Things often take odd turns during Spring Semester. People get a bit squirrelly.

This happened in March 1964 and was reported in one of the local papers (I’d wager it was the Post):

bull session 3 64 046

Bonus: I recently came across some evidence that you can leave Rice but small traces of you will stay behind. Two regular commenters here turned up unexpectedly. This I found today:


And this a couple of weeks ago:

Beer Hall tape 1979045

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, Richard Blakely became a physician and was my primary care physician for a while in the 1990s.

  2. Michael Ross says:

    LOL! In whose Rolodex was I featured?

    — Mike Ross

  3. That is very much my handwriting. My wife agrees. Note the serifs on the “1” in “March 31”. I’m not completely sure that the all-caps writing is mine, though the stroke on the “Z” in Dave’s name is a likely clue. Also, I’m quite sure that I had some of the beer in the SRC Basement Beer Hall, which might explain some of it.

    I guess KTRU News had a UHER 4000. I’m quite sure we could not afford a Nagra. The UHER was old tech at the time, since it had been obsoleted by the stereo 4200 in 1966.

    It looks like we recorded over some random free stuff we got from DDC Company, “???? FROM FRANCE”. Their address has been converted to condos, but they may still be around, with one employee.

    I don’t remember anything about this production, but that was the semester when I was taking six classes and ended with a raging case of mono and medical withdrawal.

    “Curse you, Jack Dalton” is a melodrama.

    The annotation might have initials “RK”, which might be Rich Koehler. Perhaps he’d recognize his handwriting.

    • -db says:

      I hope the three songs can be resurrected from that tape. They were Rice U. folksy comedy classics.

      The UHER Report L was KTRU’s 5″ portable reel-to-reel, used mostly for lectures and news gathering. We had two. They made excellent audio when we had enough D-cells and either had 5″ promo tapes to reuse or rolled our own tapes from 15″ masters.

      Mike G.

  4. Finally, I’m pleased with the cataloging I did on that tape. Not bad for an amateur.

  5. It looks like “Curse you, Jack Dalton!” played both Saturday and Sunday. I see that “Last Year at Marienbad” was at the Media Center, so I’m trying to remember if that was the year I took History of Film. We saw that during class. Hmm.

  6. loki_the_bubba says:

    “sound system failed” was probably the highlight of the night.

  7. degb00 says:

    I sent a facebook message to Dave Gutierrez and I hope he comes by to comment here.

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