The Woodson: Then and Now

When I used this photo of the Woodson in a post last week I stopped for a moment and thought about how much I love the library and how wonderful it is to have such a calm and lovely place to work.


This is what the space looked like when I first arrived, circa 1991:

Fondren c1990 Woodson

Ghastly but I loved it then too.

Bonus: See that framed piece on the wall at left? It’s from the Illuminated Sacred Music Manuscript Collection and if you go here you’ll find a fantastic story and podcast from 2013 about how Rice grad student Melisa Palermo figured out exactly what it is.

Extra Bonus:


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  1. says:

    Dear Melissa, Thank you so much for your delightful presentation at St. Paul’s today. My husband and I arrived on the Rice campus in 1968 so it was all very a very vivid account of some exciting days on the Rice campus. Mary Dix

  2. JD Miner says:

    Thank you for the bonus pic…always good to see mighty Sid Rich still rising above Weiss!

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