The Day After, 1942

Remarkably, Rice remained closed for all but essential personnel again today. I can’t remember this ever happening before but if you’ve been paying attention you know why: it finally stopped raining but there’s still water all over the place. This was really a bad one and, ominously, I can hear thunder again right now.

Here’s a striking photograph taken by our friend Neil Brennan on the day after a big rainstorm in 1942. It’s sort of pretty but it’s not hard to imagine how Rice got its reputation for harboring massive swarms of mosquitos back in those days:

New Flood 1942 Neil Brennan 1941049

Better luck tomorrow, everybody.

Bonus: I just like the way it sounds.


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8 Responses to The Day After, 1942

  1. Monica Coe, Jones College, Architecture 1982 says:

    Well, the school was named after William MARSH Rice…

  2. marmer01 says:

    Oh my. Ohmite.

  3. monicajcoe says:

    By the way, that is a lovely photo. It makes it seem like Rice is positioned at the side of a lake.

  4. Wayne Collins says:

    Remember the sidewalks were gravel. As a sophomore in the middle entrance of West Hall it was a wet walk to anywhere

  5. Paula Graves says:

    We had some pretty wet times in the 70’s – we called William Rice’s Marsh.

  6. Owlcop says:

    Resistance is futile

  7. Show us photos of the campus during this years flood! (Pretty please…)

  8. Krammit says:

    The flood of 1976 was impressive as well. However it happened during the summer and thus did not affect classes. At Wiess College (the original building) many of us kept belongings in storage in the basement over summer. All of that was ruined and thrown out before we returned in August.

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