A Surprise in the Football Office

I was looking at a file cabinet full of old video and when I turned around I was happily surprised to see two pictures of campus I’d never seen before.

The first is just a lovely image made in 1923 of the Administration Building and the landscaping around it from an angle we rarely find:

Football Lovett with high hedges c1923 045

The other one is even more remarkable, a fantastic view of the back of the Fieldhouse taken in, I think, 1922. The birds aren’t real but the airplane is:

Football Fieldhouse with airplane c1922 046

I promised to bring them back but they turned out to be the originals so I’m not going to! Don’t worry, though–I’ll make nice copies for them.

Bonus: Hallelujah.


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6 Responses to A Surprise in the Football Office

  1. grungy1973 says:


  2. F.E. "Gene" Pratt, Rice Insitute Class of 1956 says:

    The pic on the football field ‘peeked’ my curiosity.
    I analyze that as football practice, with the 3 men under the goal post as punt receivers, about to take turns receiving punts.
    Any other ideas?

  3. F.E. "Gene" Pratt, Rice Insitute Class of 1956 says:

    I wrote an earlier comment which has NOT been posted yet.
    I will add that I think all the footballers are watching that biplane doing stunts.

    • francis eugene 'gene' pratt says:

      Today I viewed the old Rice Field House. (I have a narcissistic urge to see my name in print.)
      I noted the high windows in the middle of that building.
      Does anyone know whether there was a basketball court in that field house?

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