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Once Upon a Time . . .

the literary societies were actually literary societies. I found this completely–completely!–by accident. Every single thing about it is interesting: More to come . . . Bonus: Speaking of interesting. Zoom in for a good look at the signs.

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The Day After, 1942

Remarkably, Rice remained closed for all but essential personnel again today. I can’t remember this ever happening before but if you’ve been paying attention you know why: it finally stopped raining but there’s still water all over the place. This … Continue reading

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Rained Out, 1953

From an Elizabeth Baldwin Literary Society scrapbook: It’s rained out today too. The library is closed for the morning (at the least) and I wasn’t going to try to drive in anyway. So I’m being responsible, staying home and catching … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Not That Helpful

Campus Map, 1966:  

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The Woodson: Then and Now

When I used this photo of the Woodson in a post last week I stopped for a moment and thought about how much I love the library and how wonderful it is to have such a calm and lovely place … Continue reading

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The Med Center 1967, from the Jesse Jones Collection

About a year ago the Houston Endowment donated the papers of Jesse Jones to Rice and they are, of course, housed in the Woodson. (Click here for the Rice News story about the generous gift.) It took some time for … Continue reading

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“My T bird in front of the President’s House”, 1961

Whose T bird? George Cohen’s. Here he is on the same day looking like a total badass in front of the fountain he had installed in the Cohen House garden: Two items of note: the original ironwork on the President’s … Continue reading

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