Fairy Ring, 1992

I was going through some stuff with Ron Sass this morning (don’t worry, he’s fine!) and I was happy to come across these images of a pretty nearly perfect fairy ring in front of the Shepherd School. They were dated too!

The first one includes a student:

Fairy Ring 92 Sass 045

In the second she’s gone. Nothing but mushrooms. Not much else in the vicinity either:

Fairy Ring 92 Sass 2046

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3 Responses to Fairy Ring, 1992

  1. francis eugene 'gene' pratt says:


    Are you sure that was a student, and NOT Puck of Pook’s Hill?

    Let us know when you run across Gunga Din.

    • Keith Cooper says:

      Gene: and here I thought the disappearing student was a metaphor for how the campus clears so quickly after Commencement

      • francis eugene 'gene' pratt says:

        Are you sure that the campus clears?
        Perhaps they all go underground to a Rice watering hole.

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