And Now For Something Completely Different

A loyal reader sends these snapshots of some intriguing street signs in a new Las Colinas, Texas townhouse development:





Does anyone know the story??

Bonus: Sometimes it’s just better not to ask any questions.




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19 Responses to And Now For Something Completely Different

  1. marmer01 says:

    That’s an InTown Homes development. You’ve probably heard of Frank Liu.

  2. ChrisC says:

    Haha… I love how the misspelled Wiess!

  3. N Bailey says:

    Too bad he misspelled Wiess as Weiss. Maybe it is a short street so corrections will be less costly.

  4. Michael Ross says:

    According to a Google StreetView of the townhome project’s onsite sales trailer (, the name of the development is Verona at Lake Carolyn.

    There’s no mention of the street name connection to Rice on InTown Homes’ Verona’s project FAQ page:!faq/fwtcc .

  5. heyzeus212 says:

    They spelled Wiess wrong.

    • Melissa Kean says:

      Yeah, but we pronounce it wrong so it all evens out in the end.

      • Veeese Kohllej.

      • almadenmike says:

        Not necessarily. The German pronunciation is Weese (or Veese, as W.U. says below), but the Yiddish pronunciation would be a “long-i” Wiisse. Did Harry Carothers Wiess, for whom the college was named, have an Ashkenazi heritage?

      • George Webb says:

        Melissa, I love your column, but the “it evens out in the end” comment is a canard, and as a professional historian I think you know it. The written word is far more public and permanent than the spoken word, and inaccuracy is not a trait Rice is (or should be) known for. Rice people should try to get things right. Moreover, putting the colleges aside (which I know is hard for some alums to do), the Wiess family has been extremely important in Rice’s history, and mis-spelling their name (even as an adolescent joke) is disrespectful and just plain sloppy. Whether or not the pronunciation is “wrong” — and the ongoing trends regarding “San Felipe” in Houston, “Mueller” in Austin and others are examples that pronunciation of place names can change over time — there is no reason not to at least get the spelling right.

  6. almadenmike says:

    Do these qualify as a modern take on Rice’s German High Hat lamp posts: ?

  7. Gloria Meckel Tarpley says:

    Very curious to learn the scoop!

  8. Gloria Meckel Tarpley '81 says:

    I don’t suppose Frank Liu follows this august publication? We should ask him!

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