A Hole in the Wall, 1958

A while ago I was leafing through some photos of the 1958 renovation of Cohen House and I was startled by this one:

Cohen House construction 8 November 1958 Cohen House Papers 058

I’d seen other images that were taken about the same time and one had even been used by the Cohens for their holiday card in 1958, which noted that there would be no New Year’s Eve party due to the construction. Here it is:


Almost the same, right? What you can’t quite see in the second, fuzzier one is the rectangular hole in the wall next to the entrance in the top photo.

Here you can see it from the other side as a cement rectangle:

Cohen House construction 11 January 1959 Cohen House Papers 061

And here it is today, a marker for the resting place of Mr. and Mrs. Cohen’s ashes:

Cohen plaque closeup


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