Random Meeting, circa ?

I have no idea when this was taken or what it was all about but it’s certainly interesting:

Big meeting nd 70s slide collection

What’s got me puzzled is the mix of people at the table. That’s Alan Chapman with the cigarette dangling from his lips and Franz Brotzen (characteristically making a point with his hands) at the left. Both were long time engineering professors and both also served terms as Dean. Standing in the back is Bill Gordon, who was Dean of both Science and Engineering for a while. I’m guessing that the guy who belongs to the bald head at right is Holmes Richter, who served variously and for long stretches as Chairman of Chemistry and Dean of Graduate Studies. I can’t quite place the man at front right. However, this is clearly a powerful group. So why are they all meeting with what look to be students? Any guesses as to time? Do you think it’s in Cohen House? I’m lost here, people.

Personal Note: I’m very grateful to everyone who wrote with condolences after my mother’s passing. It helps.

Extra Personal Note: The best thing that happened in the last ten days is that I found boxes full of old family photos that I’d never seen before–and they are labeled!


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  1. effegee says:

    My first thought too about the shiny bald head was G.H.Richter. Saw the back side of that head when he popped into O-chem exams for questions where he say facing the front wall to avoid proctoring the exam.

    Is the person front right perhaps a young Neal Lane?

  2. Pat & Jim Walzel says:

    Dear Melissa, I know and remember most of the guys in this photo! But have nothing more to add.

    Please accept my condolences and sympathy. The loss of a parent is one of our most difficult experiences in life. No matter the circumstance or age attained, it is a sad and difficult event.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Best, Jim Walzel

  3. marmer01 says:

    Dissertation defense, maybe? Judging from Dr. Gordon’s tie I would guess circa 1970.

    • francis eugene 'gene' pratt says:

      Is there a word for the science of dating historical events from the tie-ware of the participants?

  4. Edward Feustel says:

    I am guessing the Faculty Student committee for one of the Presidential Selection Committees in the 1970s.

  5. marmer01 says:

    Edward may be on to something — maybe the committee that recommended Dr. Hackerman? That was 1971-ish, right?

    • Edward Feustel says:

      It was in the 1970’s and after the Faculty and Students disapproved a previous presidential appointment by the board on Dr. Pitzer’s resignation. I think this committee was covered in the Thresher. I’d suggest you ask Professors Sidney Burrus or Neal Lane if they know.

  6. Michael Ross says:

    Ann Patton Greene is the woman sitting in the middle of the left (far) side of the table.

  7. Steve Lukingbeal says:

    The fellow next to Dr. Chapman was way ahead of his time, technology wise. He’s obviously looking down at his iPhone.

  8. Kathleen Amen '71 says:

    Labelled old photos are worth ten times their weight in gold!

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