For Rice’s Honor, 1921

I found this little booklet, meant to introduce the 1921 freshmen to the Honor Code, in the James Campbell papers. Rice’s current Honor Council Constitution is based on a draft from the late 1940s, which has since undergone frequent revisions. The Constitution in the middle of this booklet, though, is essentially the version originally adopted in 1913.

What really fascinated me were the introductory and concluding remarks. They are well worth a look:

Rices Honor 1921 1 047

Rices Honor 1921 2 048

Rices Honor 1921 3 049Rices Honor 1921 5 051





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4 Responses to For Rice’s Honor, 1921

  1. degb00 says:

    I see the art of reorganizing bumper stickers has not died out. Or that bumper sticker is old.

  2. Keith Cooper says:

    We couldn’t say as much in as few words, if we tried today

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