Recruiting, circa 1960s

I believe this is the ill fated Bo Hagan, who succeeded Jess Neely as Rice’s head football coach in 1967, circling a possible recruit.

They’re labeled only “Beaumont.” It looks a bit . . . awkward.

New possibly recruiting c60s Beaumont047

New possibly recruiting c60s 048

Bonus: I like the way this looks. I did not climb up there although I wanted to.(I might yet.)



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9 Responses to Recruiting, circa 1960s

  1. Bill Johnson 57-58 says:

    The top rows of bricks on Anderson look spaulled. They have not held up like hard, well fired bricks should have and will have to be replaced. What is with Architecs?, Cant build for the ages.

  2. kirwin drouet says:

    I certainly could be wrong but the hint about Beaumont and the fact that I played basketball against a guy that looks like the recruit makes me believe the player is Paul Robichaux, who was a great athlete for Beaumont Kelly High School. He actually signed and played football for the University of Texas.

  3. vkbenson says:

    If I were the contractor, I would not let you climb up there. Their liability insurance probably won’t allow it anyway.

  4. How have they kept students from climbing up there? Lots of wild and crazy Architecture majors burning the midnight oil in that building…

  5. marmer01 says:

    Even in the summer? Climbing scaffold is scary, anyway, and it probably doesn’t hold that much appeal.

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