“Recycle this reel”

I had a really busy day today and can’t work up the energy for any coherent commentary. I will offer one small tidbit, though. For the last several weeks I’ve been watching this out of the corner of my eye every time I drive home from campus. It was always too hot to stop and get a picture but I’ve recently been out at the stadium digging around in the the football videos so I finally managed to drag myself over:


It’s fiber optic cable, of course, but every time I see it all I can think of is this:

Water hose c1912



Extra Bonus: Wayne Graham likes puppies! (Thanks to loyal reader John Wolda, who says “cute little guy!”)

JPEG image-F9F9DB4E7A65-1


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3 Responses to “Recycle this reel”

  1. grungy1973 says:

    HRS can probably use that kind of improvement to the network capability (no steam tunnel out to it, so harder to pull stuff through a quarter mile of conduit).
    It also needs a BIG increase in electric service.
    We’ll see if the ongoing improvements include these…

  2. monicajcoe says:

    Who is the cute little guy? Coach Graham or the pooch?

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