Friday Follies: Talking

This looks intense but fun. It’s unlabeled and undated, naturally. If you can identify any of these kids (or if you were one yourself) let me know.

Mattresses nd 066

Bonus: Roofing materials for Rayzor Hall.


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  1. Yvonne Senturia says:

    I recognized Kathleen Ryan (McLaurin) on the far right, emailed her for further information, and here is what she said: “Yes, I am on the far right and talking to David (that would be her late husband, David McLaurin). Donnie Jonson is wearing #55 and Tommy Peel is facing Donnie. could be Linda Cherrington on Donnie’s left. I remember that party. we were in Hanszen Commons. It was a beer mattress party. It’s in one of the Campanile, probably spring 1971”.

  2. dnorton2015 says:

    I believe the guy in the dark jersey is Jack Faubion.

  3. Yvonne Senturia says:

    Melissa, I posted a comment, and confirmed the post, but don’t see it yet.   I had recognized Kathleen Ryan (McLaurin) on the far right of the photo, and she gave me more information.If you don’t see the post, let me know and I’ll send again….

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  4. Yvonne Senturia says:

    More information from Linda Cherrington: ” from 55 going around Donnie, David, Kathleen, Tommy, Carol (later Tommy’s wife), Ronnie Carpenter (friend of Donnie and Tommy’s from Highlands High School in San Antonio), Jackie Carpenter (Ronnie’s wife), and the couple on far left are also from Highlands but I don’t recall the names. Somehow I am missed in the photo – I should be to Donnie’s left. No doubt I was back at Jones studying! “

  5. degb00 says:

    Ah, fake Spanish tile. There is a lot of that in my neighborhood here in Palo Alto, CA. My house uses the more authentic barrel tiles. Supposedly they are formed on the thigh of the workers who make them. I find it fascinating to watch the application of a tile roof. Each tile is individually wired and nailed down. A tile roof lasts longer than shingles (50 years) but is much more expensive to re-roof, as matching replacement tiles often must be custom-ordered. And the tiles merely protect the actual waterproof material, which is underneath. (On my roof it is heavy roofing felt).

  6. Randy Wile '83 says:

    Lone Star Beer paper cups and a plastic pitcher full of cold beer – ah, those were the days!

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