The Great Scramble, 1957

As I was putting Vetta Masterson’s journal back in its place yesterday,  I stopped to look through a scrapbook that’s part of the Masterson collection. I’d seen these particular pictures before but this time I was in the right frame of mind to understand them:




Look how muddy it was! As you’ll certainly recall from yesterday, Mrs. Masterson noted the rain during their move into Hanszen House. I’m pretty sure these above are the only images I’ve ever seen of the March 1957 move from the dorms into the newly created colleges.

I’m hoping none of those cars came out after 1957.

Bonus: Change of heart. Phone’s back. 713-348-4449 but I haven’t figured out voicemail yet. And still I beg you, try email first.


By the way, that’s a picture of Carl Knapp late in life there behind the phone. Just to remember.


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5 Responses to The Great Scramble, 1957

  1. loki_the_bubba says:

    I loved the borders around Fox Photos, and the ones with the scalloped edges.

  2. G Mixon says:

    Have your land line VM sent directly to your e-mail. Listen to the VM on your cell or e-mail. It works great for me. It’s a small fee for setup but well worth it.
    Yes, all of the cars are pre ’57.

  3. Ellen Knapp Hohl Stutts says:

    I believe the machine over Carl Knapp’s left shoulder is his version of an answering machine. As a young teen, I was unsure about it and would just hang up! He was a Rice Engineer ahead of his time…

  4. marmer01 says:

    A brace of ’55 Chevys. Front one is a Bel Air two-door, back one is a 210 four-door. Can’t tell about the car in the back — too blurry. Might be Ford or some kind of smallish Nash Rambler. Can’t tell for sure.

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