The Sisters Get A Cleaning, 1986

Flipping through the records relating to campus sculptures a while back I came across these images of the Carl Milles work “The Sisters” being restored in early 1986. It’s normal for outdoor sculptures to receive periodic cleaning but what caught my attention here was that the restorers were women:


This was the last image on the sheet and it made me smile. She looks like she means business:


Bonus: Last weekend at Kay’s. Thanks to Tommy Lavergne.



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12 Responses to The Sisters Get A Cleaning, 1986

  1. Bill Peebles, Hanszen '70 says:

    I don’t remember ever seeing the “Sisters” sculpture. Do you know when it was installed? Where is it now?
    Alackaday! Kay’s is no more!

    • Karen says:

      Well, it was certainly there by the late 70s. It’s between Brown and Jones, and people would mockingly call it the fairy fountain. If I had to guess, I’d say that it was there when you were there. But I can’t say for sure.

    • marmer01 says:

      I remember researching that recently and I think it was installed around 1971. I think it moved to a new location when McMurtry was built.

      • Karen says:

        It’s funny – you don’t necessarily think about a statue’s moving. Yes, it was relocated. It looks like it was installed in 1970, so Bill might have just missed it. It’s funny — I had the opportunity to see Millesgarden some time ago, but didn’t realize the connection with Rice.

        When I was looking for a year, I noticed an article saying that it was restored again in 1991. Evidently, the Houston environment makes periodic restoration necessary.

        • francis eugene 'gene' pratt says:

          Statues do move.
          Remember Mozart’s opera.
          And especially remember Dick Dowling’s statue in Houston.

    • Kathleen Amen '71 says:

      I’m pretty sure it was there when I came to Brown in the fall of 1967.

  2. I once stuck a white carnation in the fingers of one sister’s hand one night, but it had fallen out when I came back by an hour later. It is hard to say whether birds or students are the most unkind to sculpture at Rice.

    Woodson really needs to get some Kay’s memorabilia before it is gone.

  3. francis eugene 'gene' pratt says:

    Re. Kay’s Bar & Grill:
    RIP: we loved knowing you.

    “Ubi sunt …:”

  4. marmer01 says:

    36 years at Rice as student and staff member, and I never once set foot in Kay’s. Can you believe it?

  5. Barney L. McCoy says:

    No I can’t. That’s positively almost unRice. I possibly averaged 2 nights a week. You’d go to Fondren and study till 11:00 pm; then go to Kay’s Lounge till 11:45 and have the female students back to Rice before their curfew. The Young Democrats Exec Committee monthly meeting always adjourned to Kay’s. I was the freshman officer and all the rest were Seniors or Grad students. By the end of my freshman year Ray and Janelle thought I was over 21 and thereafter never carded me. That meant that my peers gave me their money and I bought the pitcher. I join in Gene’s RIP.
    Barney L. McCoy, Hanszen 67

  6. Owlcop says:

    As an 18-19 year old senior at Lamar we went to pub night at Kay’s on Thursdays. I recall driving baby teachers home who were in as much pain as we were on Friday morning in class. As to Kay’s memorabilia, the Texas table has apparently been sold. I don’t know if Marshal Hefley has anything else available.

  7. degb00 says:

    I never went to Kay’s either. The pub had opened by the time I arrived in 1976, and the drinking age was 18. Perhaps the pub took the place of Kay’s for the students?

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