Tree Evacuation, 1983

I ran into Paul Hester ’71 today in the library, up to his usual mischief. It reminded me of a loose thread from the post about the pictures he took in late 1982 of the Engineering Quad. If you’ll recall, I suggested that somewhere I had seen pictures of these trees being moved to make way for construction of the Mechanical Engineering Building:

Paul Hester tour 26 099

A quick check turned up these shots from just before Christmas in 1983:




But here’s something interesting–these are not the photos that I remembered. I will continue looking because the ones I had in mind were much more fun, including as they did images of large numbers of engineers sitting around and supervising.

Extra Credit Question: Ten extra credit points if you know where they took them.

Bonus: Purely by chance I found myself in the Mechanical Engineering Building this very afternoon.


One More Note: To the kind student who kept me from losing my laptop today, I wish you a thousand blessings!

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  1. effegee says:

    Some of them ended up in the (then) green space in front of Hamman. IIRC, two survived the severe drought the following year. Of the survivors, one (near Hamman) was killed by a lightning strike. I can’t recall the circumstances of the death of the other one but none of them survived five years.

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