Rehearsal, no date

It’s undated but labeled “Baker Shakespeare rehearsal.” It has to be Macbeth, don’t you think?


Bonus: Late yesterday morning I was upstairs in Cohen House setting up the projector for a talk I was giving over lunch. As I worked I listened to someone playing the piano downstairs and couldn’t recall ever hearing it played before. I went for a look and was so happy to find my friend John Dobelman of the Stat Department at the keyboard. It was a lovely moment. Made my day.





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5 Responses to Rehearsal, no date

  1. Rick says:

    Is that Lee Chilton, Sid ’85 standing at the end of the table?

  2. Dan McCormack says:

    If that’s Lee Chilton, then it’s definitely Macbeth. He played the lead in the Spring ’82 production. That’s David Pickett sitting at the table in the plaid shirt, and Alan Janiga standing at the left.

  3. I thought that looked like David Pickett.. but wasn’t sure…

  4. Karen says:

    I knew the picture looked familiar! I think either that picture, or a similar one, was in the Campanile. Interestingly enough, I even have a guess on what the large pieces of paper on the wall of the outer commons were for, based on the timeframe. Totally not Shakespeare-related though.

  5. joecwhite says:

    Dr. Chilton agrees: “Confirmation. Baker Shake rehearsal for Macbeth, spring 1982.”

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