Friday Follies: Flip!

I love this one, taken in the Rice Bookstore circa 1970:


Pre-blow dryer era hairdos were works of art!

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6 Responses to Friday Follies: Flip!

  1. C Kelly says:

    I loved going to the bookstore during my student days, which included 1970.

  2. Dagobert Brito says:

    She is very cute. However, Patricia and I got married in 1968 and I seem to remember a blowdryer.

  3. I remember portable hair dryers but not blow dryers. Hair dryers having the caps you put on. My wife would sometimes disconnect the hose from the cap and use it as a blow dryer.

  4. Melissa Keane ("the other Melissa Keane"), Johnes '72 says:

    degboo is quite correct – this “do” involved curlers/rollers, teasing, and AquaNet! Given the hairdo and the dress, I would date this photo a few years earlier, maybe 1965-1966. By 1970, we had abandoned both rollers and dresses …

  5. Melissa Keane ("the other Melissa Keane"), Jones '72 says:

    Compare this photo to the a recent post: the 1970 Homecoming photo of the alum in a dress, a hair salon/teased/sprayed “flip,” and a modish pocketbook. When I remarked that “we” had largely given up rollers and dresses by 1970, I was referring to undergrads, not returning alums!”

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