Not the Day I Expected

but a good day nonetheless.

What I hadn’t counted on was this, which is one of two storage sheds on the upper concourse of the stadium that are about to meet their maker:


This is the good unit. The other one is too horrible to be photographed. It’s all roughly 97 percent garbage and 3 percent worthwhile materials, but I get paid to locate the correct 3 percent and if the truth be told I enjoy it quite a bit. (Many thanks to my always alert colleagues in Facilities who brought this to my attention.)

Here are a couple of interesting things that popped right up. First, some totally unwarranted optimism, undated but it has to be from 1984:


And second, a happier souvenir of Southwest Conference victory, also undated. Coach Bevan looks like he’s about 17 years old here so maybe we can date it by that:


Bonus: Nice view from up there.


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3 Responses to Not the Day I Expected

  1. Not too bad. Some of the boxes are labeled. The tapes are labled. Doesn’t look like anything got wet. I’ve seen worse. I’d rather have VHS than mystery digital tapes.

    I never suspected storage sheds in the stadium. Though it makes sense, with all that room.

    And please, please post a photo of the other storage shed. We’ll respect you more when we see the “long rubber glove job”. A friend of ours is a vet that does “horse repro”, and she has gloves that go up above her elbow. I’ve been in some computer code that needed those gloves.

  2. Looks like the only time Rice won the SWC distance medley was 1996. The clothes & hairstyles look about right for that time as well (my freshman year). (see p. 10)

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