The Oil Bowl, 1946-47 plus I Get Stuck

I found this the other day and my first reaction was that it was taken in Austin. Then I understood what it was: a very rare shot taken looking west inside the old Rice stadium after it had been expanded in the late ’30s. I can’t remember ever seeing one before. The houses off to the right are Southgate:


For comparison here’s a 1949 aerial that I found in Herbert Allen’s papers. That’s clearly the same place.


Note the work had begun on filling in Harris Gully but the little footbridge is still there. That’s how I know it’s 1949.

The picture was labeled semi-helpfully: “Oil Bowl circa 1947.” Rice hosted this bowl game twice. In 1946, Georgia beat Tulsa 20-6 and in 1947 Georgia Tech defeated St. Mary’s 41-19. Click here for an interesting article about defunct bowl games that includes a discussion of the short-lived Oil Bowl.

Correction: An alert reader points out regarding yesterday’s Swivel Hip Six that there was no Baker College in 1952. He is obviously correct. The Rice History Corner regrets, but is not particularly surprised by, the error.

Bonus: I had a very busy day today and covered a lot of ground. The highlight was a detour over at Abercrombie where I found myself trapped in a place I’d never been before. Here’s the door that sucked me in, an innocent looking door that I hadn’t realized existed until this afternoon:


Of course (of course!) when I went to go back in it wouldn’t open. And you see that fence? It goes all the way around. Naturally there’s a gate on the other side:


My companion, who is blameless in this episode, got us out by banging on a window:


I have rarely experienced such delight. I still can’t quite wipe the smile off my face.

A fresh angle:


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11 Responses to The Oil Bowl, 1946-47 plus I Get Stuck

  1. grungy1973 says:

    Parking’s a little tight…

  2. loki_the_bubba says:

    Why has the band formed a ’34’?

  3. Karen Shelton says:

    Ha, we had a lot of drama on our first day back regarding that little corner of our world. We were without power for a couple hours while they worked to hook up portable generators back there.
    If I’d been thinking clearly I would have sent you a photo!

  4. francis eugene 'gene' pratt The Rice Institute 1956 says:

    Looking at the bottom of that treacherous door, it seems so others tried to kick their way baci in.

  5. francis eugene 'gene' pratt The Rice Institute 1956 says:

    At first blush –viewing, not drinking– there seem to be only 9 men on the kick-off team. There is room for 1 more closer to the near side-line, but is there a man missing? Which of you attended that game? John Wolda and Neil Havens are old enough to have been there.

  6. Tom & Jeanette Hix says:


    Last week we stopped receiving the Rice History Corner e-mails. Could you check and make sure we are still on the list. Thanks.

    Tom Hix

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