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Friday Follies: Let It Snow

I’m up in the Pacific Northwest right now visiting my beloved son-in-law’s family. We are dangerously close to the home of the my favorite hockey team, the Trail Smoke Eaters of the British Columbia Hockey League, and if it were … Continue reading

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The Birds, circa late ’70s

Although sometimes I never get back to things I say I’m going to get back to, there is almost always a good reason for this. Usually the reason is that I can’t find anything else that sheds light on the … Continue reading

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The Boss

Every once in a while I come across a photograph that stands on its own. Here’s one I found yesterday while a patron was using the Oveta Culp Hobby Papers: It’s hard to add anything except context. This was taken … Continue reading

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Martin Graham Shows Off the R1

I was looking in a photo folder this afternoon that was labeled “Summer School, 1964-68.” I’d never bothered with it before–it’s crammed full of contact sheets and negatives so it’s hard to work up the will to deal with it. … Continue reading

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Music and Gall Wasps Under the Trees

I love this image of the Rice band rehearsing under the trees in 1938. I’m not certain about exactly where on campus they are (I suspect the photographer is pointed towards Main Street) but I’m confident that’s Kit Reid leading … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Fringe Movement

Absolutely gorgeous. I was so interested in the fringe it took me a long time to notice the motorcycle. It’s undated, by the way, so help you can. Bonus: I have several loyal readers who get to campus much earlier … Continue reading

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The Oil Bowl, 1946-47 plus I Get Stuck

I found this the other day and my first reaction was that it was taken in Austin. Then I understood what it was: a very rare shot taken looking west inside the old Rice stadium after it had been expanded … Continue reading

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