” I am hitting the ball as promised,” 1922

The Woodson is home to a very large number of early Rice business office papers, some rescued from the basement of Allen Center and some from heaven only knows where. A while back I found this little note to the Board of Trustees sitting on a book truck waiting to be put back in its folder. I include it here as representative of the mountain of mundane documents that will surely crush me one day, or at least crush my will to go on:


I also include it because it has a couple really cool pictures attached:




A lot of our money came from investments like this one.



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3 Responses to ” I am hitting the ball as promised,” 1922

  1. G Mixon says:

    One thing leads to another… Do you have any idea where the DONNELLEY and BUNKER Surveys where? Bunker Hill comes to mind.

  2. Owlcop says:

    The DONNELLEY Field is in Odessa.

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